Sunday, December 19, 2010

Work in Progress-12/19/10

Just started a new 12x16 and this is the block-in. i'm feeling better that my bigger pc.s have the loose look that i get with my smaller ones. you have to keep the big picture in mind (no pun intended) when working bigger and dont try to use smaller brushes and start working on one portion of the painting. you have to work large, loose and all over the painting avoiding hard edges and detail.

I'm always curious what other painters studios look like so i thought i'd take a picture of corner of mine. the palette area is a large piece of glass on top of the three filing cabinets.


Nancy L. Vance said...

Hi Mike,
I notice you use pegboard on your easel. I was wondering what you use or how you attach your panel and keep it steady while painting? I recently bought my first floor easel and thought that using the pegboard is a great idea, so that I don't have to keep adjusting the easel for a new size panel, and all the sloppy paint would go on the pegboard.... So wondered about how you hold your panels... Thanks! I enjoy your work.

Klinger Studios said...

Nartizt asked one of my questions. I also wondered how/where you store all your wet and dry paintings...I see something on the right that looks like an old record rack(?) Thanks.

mike rooney studios said...

nartizt- the pegboard is sweet! just get some of that pegboard hardware (and cut it down from about an inch and a half down to about 3/4 inch and wrap it with tape at the end so the painting wont fall off.
and some large clips you can get at office supply to clip at the edge of the pegboard if needed.

christine- i store the smaller dry ones in milk crates and the wet ones are drying on a series of shelves i fashioned (you see the very end of it at the far right)

Justin Holdren said...

Love the pegboard easel Mike! I am still using mine that I made after seeing yours. It's so easy to change panel sizes and I can have more than one panel on the easel if I want to. Your recent still lifes are awesome. I look forward to winter so I can see some still life work from you.

mike rooney studios said...

justin- thanks. being stuck inside really makes me crazy but thats when i break out the still life stuff. i think studying something that close up and then trying to paint it helps with the observation powers needed for plein air. i know the drawing has to be right. people dont know if you draw a tree badly but they sure do if the top of the cups not a perfect elipse.