Monday, December 13, 2010

Changing the Zoom

Feel the Heat- 5x7
This ones similar to Great Balls of Fire ( a few posts below) but i changed up the composition by zooming in much closer. i also went for a different look. i like painting pans of fire. can you tell?


jimmy craig womble said...

What? You haven't been out painting this week? C'mon, Rooney, its already 33 degrees with a minor 20 mph NW wind. I'll meet you in Maysville at Jerry's place and we'll knock out a few... HA

Justin Holdren said...

Sweet painting Mike! I think you could give Ken Auster a run for his money on chef paintings. The shapes and values are dead on.

mike rooney studios said...

jimmy c- dude! its cold! lets go talk to mr. parker for a second LOL

justin- Wow. auster! he's the man! thanks

Shellie Lewis said...

This is gorgeous, I love it! My mother bought a painterly chef piece for in her kitchen.