Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aerial View of Boardwalk St.-6x8-SOLD

was at coral bay country club doing meet and greets this past weekend and the Dunes club today doing a painting demonstration. afterwards i painted this from high on a sand dune that i just found in the middle of atlantic beach. never saw it before. love this vantage point. problem was the wind was howling and it was blowing sand at me and all my gear the whole time. couple of hours later my skin's covered in fine sand. i know... you dont know if i'm bragging or complaining LOL


postcardsfromthemainline said...

I wish you would make a small book of all your seaside paintings so I could get it and look at them whenever I wish I were at the seashore and can't be there. They are so evocative of that wonderful beach and sand feeling. The light does it I think.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks nancy- glad to mentally transport you to the beach whenever you need it. hopefully its not too long inbetween the real visits!

Klinger Studios said...

Sounds like a way to add texture to your paintings. This one has an interesting quality of light.