Friday, June 3, 2011

Pivers Island Marina-6x8-SOLD


went painting with my buddy jimmy womble yesterday and we drove over to pivers island for a morning session before we went over to atlantic and painted with julyan davis a painter from asheville. after painting all day, we just sat around talking about the business and painting methodology for hours. it was great hanging out with these guys. they all (like me) make their living from painting. its a very solitary profession and hanging with other painters for a few hours was a real boost.


Klinger Studios said...

Very nice. I know what you mean about the solitariness (word?) of painting. I would like to have been a mouse in the corner of your conversation.

Douglas Clark said...

I like the color of your water and the sky. Composition is really nice too.

mike rooney studios said...

christine- standing around painting all day by yourself makes you kinda nuts after a week or so. getting together with like minded "brethren" helps for sure

douglas- thanks a lot!

Candy Barr said...

Painting all day myself by boats in harbor in Padanaram MA//and now reading about you all painting by boats all day too. Solitary until we read each others notes!
"nothing quite so pleasurable as messing about in boats..."

mike rooney studios said...

candy- thanks for stopping by! thats a great quote. and true