Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blue Contre Jour-8x8

Workshop Updates- ive added two new workshops to the schedule over on the right sidebar. i'll be in Franklin Georgia Oct. 20--24 and i'll also be doing a workshop at my new gallery Spectrum in Wilmington NC. i know there were some of you that couldnt make the spring WAA workshop or Bald Head Island workshops so here's your chance.
ALSO the Rehoboth Beach Delaware w/s has been changed to a one day Paint Camp for beginning painters. if youre interested in a three day plein air workshop on the 8th -- 10th give me a shout. ive got a few already interested.

Pollock and Craven St.- 10x8

The Side of King Solomons Temple- 9x12

these recently painted pc.s are now at Carolina Creations in New Bern, NC.

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Giselle Vidal McMenamin said...

wonderful cool blues in these!