Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Former Crest Theater-12x12-SOLD

Did this one on Lumina Ave. in Wrightsville Beach this morning. then a little surf session in the afternoon. now thats what i call a great day. if i had eaten sushi or hot wings that would have been the Awesome Trifecta.

you know this may seem weird but i love the telephone wires in this one. theyre there but dont look too dark and artificial. i painted them a whole value lighter than i usually do and then made em real thin in places, almost disappearing. cool, i found the trick to wires! thats what doing something over and over will do. you stumble on the answer to stuff.


Margo said...

Mike, this is just yummy!

Jerry Stocks said...

Beautiful painting--what is the trick to wires?

mike rooney studios said...


jerry-light value, do them thin and then have them disappear in places