Monday, September 12, 2011

Demo Pc.

Sheila's Pier-8x10


this was a piece i did as a demo of my painting process for students in a workshop in delaware. i showed them on this one how to paint all the shadow shapes in purple or blue paint very thinly early on (color correcting later) and then how to paint the light shapes more thickly and in warmer (yellow and red) colors. then i showed them how to break big shapes into smaller shapes of different colors. i stressed that not much detail is needed for the viewer to know whats what in the painting.

i am finally at home in nc after weeks on the road. it'll feel good to sleep in my own bed tonite. i will unpack and tweak all my "daily" paintings ive been doing and start posting them in the days to come. had really lousy connectivity on the road and didnt post on the blog as much as i would have liked to.


Christine said...

I love the vibrancy and design of this one....its great!

Klinger Studios said...

Nice piece, Mike. And thanks for the great explanation.

Anne Marie Propst said...

Lovely work. Just found you through Wet Canvas and so glad I did. Great to see your NC scenes!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks christine, c.k. and anne!