Thursday, September 29, 2011

Topsail in September-5x7-SOLD


the sun was finally out and the clouds cooperated on todays painting. the light was beautiful around 6 when i saw this scene and my goal was to continue to make a brushstroke, and leave it alone.

i cant believe it. this is post #991. that means in 9 more posts, i will have posted on my blog 1000 times. that's huge!

so to celebrate the 1000 milestone, i'm going to have a giveaway on that day. all you have to do to win is be a subscriber to my blog and send me your email address on that day. i'll giveaway the painting i do that day (and throw in the shipping too) to the lucky winner (i'll pick somebody's name out of a hat). so keep watching the blog so you'll know when to email me and if youre not a subscriber already why not go ahead and look on the right sidebar of my blog (near the top), click subscribe, and follow the directions. my paintings will go right to your mailbox.

Workshop News

I'll be having a two day plein air workshop in wilmington in october (date's on right sidebar), hosted by spectrum gallery. guaranteed to take your plein air painting to the next level. $200 for both days. contact nancy at Spectrum Gallery to sign up. there are only a few slots left i heard, so dont wait till the last minute, or you'll miss the boat.


Christine said...

I love the light and colors on this one

mike rooney studios said...

thanks christine! hopefully the bigger one will have those same qualities. let me know ok?