Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Off Duval-6x8

here's the final product on yesterdays demo. since it was late last night when i did it, this morning i got up and applied the topcoat on the underpainting. since it was dry i didnt have to finesse the green over the red on the palms, and then i color corrected all the other shapes with a big brush to keep it loose.

the last part of the process is to add some really thin and/or small shapes on the painting with a rigger brush. better known as dirty six letter word called.... ssshhhhh!.... detail.


jimmy craig womble said...

Hey Rooney! Glad you're back in the area. Weather's getting nice. Might need to go paint some. Good lookin' demo!

mike rooney studios said...

jimmy - call me when you wanna paint. i'm ready to see you and catch up.