Monday, September 19, 2011

September Reflection-5x7-SOLD

after a three or four day trip back to nc, and after taking a few days off to do some surfing, this afternoons painting was my first in a while. i always go back to swan point marina on my first painting because in my mind thats where i feel the most comfortable. a good place to clear the cobwebs that time off brings.

Carol Marine, a great still life daily painter always does some apples when she starts painting again after a long break.

you wouldnt think so, but feeling comfortable (the mental part) of painting is such a huge part of the process.


DGehman said...

Nice to be home, right? Reminds me of an inlet we saw on Colington Island (off Kitty Hawk)... a few days before Irene forced us off OBX.

You know Carol Marine was burned out in the Texas wild fires? She and her husband are moving to Oregon.

Fay Terry said...

Very Nice painting, Mike. Welcome back to North Carolina-there's no place like home.

mike rooney studios said...

dave-so sorry you had to leave OBX early. thats a great place to hang out. that irene messed up a lot of folks plans then and now, over there.yeah...been keeping up with the fire on carole's blog. so sorry for her

fay- i love the road, but its always nice to get home!