Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Around 10th St,-12x16

Workshop News

ive got a two day plein air workshop coming up in elizabeth city, nc november 1-2 and a Paint Camp the night of the 3rd. to sign up you can contact the sponsor (Natalie) at Arts of the Albemarle-(252) 338-6455 or

we'll cover the abc's of value, color mixing, and lots of at-the-easel instruction that will take your painting to a higher level

if you like this one please contact me for price and availability

revised bouy painting from yesterdays post
$49 plus $8 s/h
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when i looked at it a day later, the dock color on the first one looked too light and warm. so i made up a cooler slightly darker color and put that on. it did two things. made the yellow look lighter and more intense (which is what it looked like in person). also made the rope show up better.

thats the purpose of doing these color studies! you always learn something about mixing color. what did i learn in this one? that making a dock color is tricky. you want the warmth that the wood has in sunlight but there's a real grayness to it. if its too saturated and warm it wont be the right "color spot" and look like weathered wood in sunlight. think i need some more of these 'block studies' to perfect my dock colors. theyre in alot of my paintings.

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