Thursday, October 27, 2011

On Bald Head Island

i'm over on bald head island as artist in residence for the week. this place is always amazing. i love painting over here. no cars are allowed and everybody gets around in golf carts. this is the northernmost part of the tropics. no kidding. that with bluebird skies and temps in the 70's is making for some great painting days. been doing a few 16x20's on site with big brushes and knives, and having fun with them. bigger paintings are getting easier and easier for me to keep "loose and accurate". forgot my camera so i cant get any photos of em but they'll be in woods gallery here on the island.

p.s.- i saw an article this week by a major paint manufacturer who confirmed that you can indeed paint oil paint over thin acrylic. i almost always scrub on yellow ochre acrylic before i get going with the oils. good to know that my paintings wont crack and fall off the canvas in a few years :D


Klinger Studios said...

I'd like to try painting a bit larger in the field, when I feel ready that is. B.T.W., I thought the controversy was whether you can safely paint acrylic over oil, as they say that oil is a "living thing," but I could be wrong.

mike rooney studios said...

christine- i think they've always said that painting acrylic over oil was not a good thing. house painters and sign painters having always known this. something about problems with the acrylic being able to adhere to to the oil layer.
with oil over acrylic there was a question of the layers having different flexibility properties once they dry. but windsor newton is coming down on the side of it being ok to paint oil over thin acrylic. they do warn against painting oil over impasto (thick) acrylic tho'