Sunday, October 2, 2011

Front Row-12x16-SOLD


wanted to fool around with a knife today and here's the result. pure clean color mixes are the result when knife painting. you mix right up on the shape. you scoop pure color up there, wipe the knife off and put some more pure color up there. no cloudy, muddy thinner on the brush that eventually ends up on the canvas. i did this cape school style-no yellow ochre wash, just draw the shapes, with some violet and liquin, put yellow, orange, or pink in the right value on the sun shapes, and blue, purple and violet on the shadow shapes. then color correct in phase 2, lose edges, and add three or four variations of color on the shapes. i also kept this painting very high key to get a bright sunny look.


A Painter's Journal said...

I love the texture and color in this Mike! It just glows.

Christine said...

this is really makes me feel happy!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks robin- ever painted with a knife?

christine- i'm all about happy!