Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Have a Winner

a pic of the class during my demo

just wrapped up a two day painting workshop in wilmington sponsored by spectrum art and jewelry. then on friday i did a demo in the gallery of my cape technique. in the workshop we covered the importance of values, how to mix colors using red, yellow, blue and white. we had a morning class on drawing after i served everybody my world famous Bull Mosa. its like a mimosa except i use red bull instead of champagne. the afternoon of the last day everybody took their new found skills outside painting near the intercoastal, beach or beach cottages. the two days flew by!

well we have a winner in the free giveaway contest for my 1000th blogpost celebration. the winner is (drum roll please) gail mehann.

contact me gail with your address and i'll ship the painting to you. congrats!

here's how gail was chosen. i took everybodys name and put it on a slip of paper and put em in my hat. my wife reached in and voila! i was humbled by the huge number of people that entered, left messages, congratulations, and said they really wanted that painting. thanks to everybody who entered.

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