Thursday, February 2, 2012

Figure Study with Hat-SOLD

the other day  i spent a whole day drawing quick gesture drawings from YouTube dancing videos. you just hit pause every few seconds and draw a one or two minute gesture drawing. get the feel of the gesture, no ears, toes, etc. since there's no time. after 7 or 8 hours i had done well over a hundred of them. sure felt that day kick in when it was time for life drawing this past tuesday. i felt like i knew the human form better and was then more accurate drawing it two dimensionally after all that practice.
whether its plein air, still life or figure painting there's no replacement for constant repetition.


sidra khan said...

Great post sharing man! Keep on posting! House painting Seattle

Linda Popple said...

Good idea for quick gestures! I like this one!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks sidra!

linda-you can do it with movies on your dvd player too!