Friday, February 24, 2012

In the Short Rows

Waterfront Dining in the Keys-24x30

Didnt Get Away-8x10

a couple pc.s just finished for the upcoming show of new key west/middle keys stuff ive been working on for Gallery on Greene in KW. the opening is a week from tomorrow (saturday) on march 3rd. come by if youre in the area and  check it out in person and say hi! ive got a few more days to tweak and frame, then deliver. then the pressure is off. then a different kind of stress takes over as everybody walks by looking at it rubbing their chins. i watch their faces for smiles. anything else signals disinterest (not good) or that theyre not feeling it. also the speed at which they leave is a good indicator. if they speed by and dont stand a minute to look at it that means it hasnt caught their interest. the composition and/or color could be too weak or its just a ho hum painting. as one painter i know says "we dont need any more mediocre paintings. there are plenty already" How true!

note: sorry for the glare on the nocturnal scene. most agree that its impossible to shoot a pic of dark paint without some glare on it.

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