Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A few pics of a day painting in paradise

my three man show at gallery on greene is in about a week so i'm slammed getting everything painted and framed in time. i was on the docks late last night painting night scenes and up early painting this morning, and all day, so no daily painting on the blog tonite.
here's john c. and i doing our thing on the streets of KW. the pic of the schooner is from our second painting. we had to hurry and sketch in the boat as it went past and we'll use the above photo reference to paint the boat better by.  when you see my finished painting you'll see the photo has really darkened some shapes.especially the water. another good reason not to paint strictly from photos. i'm glad i got a chance to do the small color study so the colors and values will be accurate. 

you cant see it but my shirt says "buy art". i couldnt have said it better myself! LOL


jimmy craig womble said...

good luck at your show, Rooney! Work is lookin good, man. Send me one of those shirts, too.

sidra khan said...

Good job! House painting Seattle

sidra khan said...

Good job! House painting Seattle

Marla said...

Did you two dress alike on purpose? :)

I think I recognize today's Angela St. painting from the first photo. Looks like you're having a great time; I wish we were having a colder winter so you could be more smug about being in the Keys instead of here, but it's been so warm. Although, we did have a quarter-inch of snow a few days ago.

Raven said...

WHat an awesome show Mike, thanks for the invite. Raven