Friday, February 3, 2012

Dry Tortugas Ferry Bldg-SOLD

went out last night after dark and warmed up doing the first in a series of nocturnals i'm going to do. i'm planning on at least 7-10 nights worth doing large and small, and i'm hoping to complete two per outing. some docks, some neighborhoods, and whatever else catches my eye.

plein air painting is tuff in itself, but throw in almost complete darkness (i  use a headlamp thing to get a little light on the palette) and difficulty in mixing and gauging values, and nocturnals turn out to be very challenging, to say the least. just ask the half dozen ladies i did a nocturnal class with last year. one was so frustrated she almost sidearmed her canvas into the water. i still hear from others, most of them experienced outdoor painters,how difficult that night was. for instance, alot of paper towel rolls were ending up in the drink, with the 20 knot wind rolling them out across the dock first. gotta say, it was funny but i restrained myself from laughing.

like my buddy T says "if it was easy everybody would be doing it!" how true T, how true.

i'm looking forward to learning many new things about painting at night from this series. stay tuned

Workshop News

My plein air weekly class is starting at the Studios of Key West this monday morning and there are a few seats left. we'll meet from 8:30-11:30 every monday in february. i'll be showing the importance of values, color mixing, and simplifying forms as well as composition tips, and a bit about how to pare down your gear. if you are in the keys and want to join call me at 919-920-9718 and i'll get you signed up.
then there's the wildly popular knife painting class in march. let me know if youre interested and i'll give you the details.

Also, my first workshop back in the carolina's in spring, will be Bald Head Island around the third week of april. this is a magical island and i'm very familiar with it and can show you (and paint with you) in places on the island most people dont even know about. contact me if you think you'd like to sign up. cost is $300 for three days.

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