Friday, October 12, 2012

A Break in the Weather (maine)-6x8

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painted near Mt. Desert Island in maine a few months ago. the weather had been bad all day and i was itching to paint but couldnt. then late in the afternoon there was a break in the clouds where some light could hit the landscape. i was all over it!
now for todays lesson: changing the values and adding contrast
note: i didnt photoshop correct either of these photos so you can see a comparitive difference in the changes to values i made
here is the original 8x8 that just hasnt been able to find a good home. i analysed it trying to figure out what it was. maybe it was the stupid shape of a house in the background? maybe it was the values wereall to close? maybe both?
so i made the changes below

i lightened the sky to make the other objects more of a silohuette. then i darkened the values on the tanks and side of the barn. then i darkened and simplified the junk under the left hand tanks and make the road wind back around the barn for more of a lead-in to the composition. then, you cant tell, but i added a hint of green (for a little more variety) into the dead tree in the foreground and darkened its trunk. last i did away with the house shape in the background and made a stand of dead tree color to simplify the painting.

as you can see the bottom painting is much improved by lightening the sky and darkening the barn and tanks. the other things just help it even more.

so dont be in such a hurry to paint over a painting that isnt working. try to analyse why its not working (or selling LOL) and make some changes and see if that doesnt help. and remember some will never be saved and make great kindling wood for your fireplaces or outdoor firepits this winter.
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