Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Work in Progress- 22x28 demo

starting a 22x28 today and i know how much y'all like seeing em in progress like this, so i'll try to remember to shoot pics all along the way.
above i'm beginning to lay in the big shapes with lots of reds and oranges (and lots of Liquin) on my underpainting. want to get the white gone asap and then start to flesh out the values some. on this one with all the blues and greens in the upcoming top coats i think i'll lean towards all the warmer colors underneath (red,yellow and orange- even in the shadows)
i used the two 50 cent brushes i buy from the hardware store. makes me stay loose and big. i modify the cheapest bristle brushes they have by cutting the tops off about a third and then round them a bit like a filbert is shaped. i love em for biggies like this painting! i underpainted this whole painting (drawing too) in less than an hour. I'll wipe it with Liquin on a rag once it's dry and then i'll start putting down more realistic colors into the shapes.

here's the plein air study i'll be using as reference

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Thanks Mike; very helpful.