Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Paint Box

Dennis Cottages Demo-6x8
Proud to announce my new paintbox/easel set up is now for sale. i took a bunch of them around when i was teaching up north and already sold about a dozen of em. it sets up in about two minutes and is extremely lightweight. ive been using the prototype for several years and love it!
the mixing area is glass with a medium gray color and is a big 12x16. there are two large "wings" that close so you can throw the box in your trunk or back seat without getting paint all over can use the wings for additional paint mixing or as a table to keep stuff on. the panel holder will hold a panel up to 12" high.if you like to paint stretched canvas you can replace the two bolts with ones that are longer. the angle of the paintbox is changeable using the legs of the tripod. it has a money back guarantee (until you put paint in it of course!) Get yours today!

note added on 3/14
I don't offer the photo tripod setup and panel holder anymore. I sell the box and a Napoli tripod easel (which is what I use exclusively)
to attach the box its as easy as putting the first aluminum "z" around the first leg of the tripod
here it is with the other "z" on the box in the 2nd leg of the tripod and let it drop down. if you want less tilt (i prefer the tilt myself) lower the length of the back leg.

here's how the panel holder attaches. lift the latch on the quick release receptacle, put the square piece on the wood panel holder into the square receptacle on the tripod, and push the latch back down to secure it.
so ditch those hard to set up french easels and those heavy and expensive pochade boxes. buy this affordable, time tested paintbox and go out and paint up a storm!

contact me at to purchase

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Klinger Studios said...

Looks good. I'm always in search of the perfect easel. How small does it pack up? Do you carry it in your backpack on your bike?