Monday, October 29, 2012

SOLD-PTown Glimpse-6x8

Hurricane update: Sandy slid by us slowly this weekend and (today) with nothing but wind and rain here on the southern end of the north carolina coast. i'm afraid it'll make landfall further up north (maybe NJ?)  maybe when it gets in the colder water up north it'll lose intensity and just be a rain event. hope so. 
this one's from my trip to cape cod back in the late summer. a sweet little glimpse of an alley in Provincetown heading to the water. the light in the morning there is wonderful. and no i didnt almost get arrested doing this one!
just taught a workshop in rocky mount that was awesome. i learned so much from all the other painters. i'm always asked are my w/s's for those very new to painting. and the answer is yes. i like teaching beginners because they are very teachable. they soak up the instruction like sponges and are highly motivated to learn and dont care if they paint a masterpiece. seems like it can be often be the more experienced painters in a workshop that can sometimes get easily frustrated if they arent painting the way they think they should. but remember that you shouldnt paint anything decent in a workshop because youre learning something totally new.add on top of that that youre in unfamiliar waters and that brings a certain level of anxiety with it. of course youre not going to paint your best. relax and learn the concepts and method and dont worry about the end product. thats what you pay for, not to paint something youre proud of at the end of the day, right?

upcoming events
Plans are in the works for me to teach at the Art Guild of Purple Isle in Key Largo this march. i think its only going to be available to members of the guild but if you live in key largo and would like to join the guild i'm sure they'd be agreeable to that. shoot me an email for details as they come available. my upcoming workshops in the next couple of week are on the outerbanks, and Art of the Carolina's in Raleigh. email me for info or to sign up
i'll also be attending the Holiday Show at ArtSource in Raleigh Thurs. Nov. 15th from 7 until? i'm bringing new work with me to hang so if youre in raleigh come and see me and say hello!

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