Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boat in a Field-8x10

now at City Art in Greenville NC
$450 framed
well my Acer computer that i bought for $300 six years ago finally died. it had been sick for awhile but i nursed it along longer than i should have. so i had to go out and buy a new one. got a dell and i really like it. its nice to be able to use the battery and not have to plug in to a socket all the time. for years i did this with the acer instead of letting go some cash for a new battery. then the old one used to shut off randomly when it got hot. aggravating to say the least. you could be right in the middle of a long email or blogpost and BOOM it would shut down and all that work would be lost. no more of that thank God! its not easy being a cheap skate.
RIP Acer!
this week i was on the outer banks teaching and painting. the weather really didnt want to cooperate as the nor'easter gave us rain and cold north winds. but everybody had a good time and learned alot.
i'll finish up on the 22x28 i'm working on and then head out to teach at Art of the Carolinas in raleigh. i'll be teaching a class on values friday night, how to simplify complexity saturday night and all day sunday i'll be explaining the cape school underpainting method. seats are limited.


Marla said...

Is that your truck? Looks familiar.

mike rooney studios said...

no that was the boat ownwers old truck that hasnt moved in years!