Thursday, March 13, 2008

Concrete and Wood Poetry- 16x20- oil on canvas

Not for Sale

this will be in my show at new elements in wilmington in july. i think i'm looking thru an alley up to front st.
ive had a special project brewing but i didnt want to jinx it but the inks dry on a deal to make instructional DVD's for Jerry's Artarama Stores. they have 14 or so stores all over the country, big internet and catalogue presence nationwide, so this is huge for me. it should expose my stuff to a national audience and needless to say will add to my resume' power!
we start filming in their studio and on location with me in my workshops next month. i'm excited about this opportunity to branch out to a huge market outside nc. we'll see huh?
this ones knifed and i'm still amazed at the feeling of sunlight you get with mixing colors directly on the canvas. i have to dull them down in some instances because you want some shapes grayer and less intense. and to think three years ago i was doing anything possible to get color into my paintings period. maybe there is something to this stuff about painting all the time to get better, LOL.

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