Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zen Sushi 8x6- oil on c.b.

Not for Sale

Headed for Canada

Hey those daily painters need to step it up. what only 1 painting a day? pick up the pace people! LOL!

knifed this of course. its so cool when you just lay in slabs of color. its abstract and you get worried its not going to come out..... when voila! loved the reflection of the grill and food on his left arm. real warm and dark mirroring some of the food on the grill.

double click on the picture and it'll pop up big and you can see the luscious thick paint. cant even carry these things in my homemade cases. they're so thick they smear. have to make some with bigger slots i guess. everybody who sees these wants to rub them because of all the surface texture.

thanks Polka Dot for the inspiration! hope ya like it

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