Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Violet Morning 20x16-oil on stretched canvas

note:Double click the image for a much better view of the knife work.
Back on line with a new cable. this is a larger one done plein air with a knife in charleston. everywhere you turn there it looks like this. beautiful turn of the century houses and palms nestled up on them. the scene included a reddish cobblestone street and narrow sidewalk but i went for the cropped composition. saw something the other day i'm trying hard to live by. it said something like..."when you're painting-- write the most important sentence, dont write a novel." so i left out all kinds of other stuff that i usually try to cram in the painting. camille predzwodick says she used to paint enough stuff (in one of her older paintings) to paint five paintings. i can sypathize with you camille. hopefully i'll quit doing it too.

At Carolina Creation Gallery

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