Saturday, March 29, 2008

Demo at Jerry's Artarama

Lunch at Hogfish 12x9- SOLD- a cool harborside cafe on Stock Island just one key away from Key West
Bocadeah- 8x6- SOLD
Somewhere in Key West -12x9-- a street scene like i said... somewhere in key west. i was totally lost just wandering around looking for cool things to paint when i see this conch house and church steeples in the background. gotta love all the palms...

Tile Roof Heaven- 6x8-SOLD
the study for another commission in delray. the houses there all seemed to have those cool tile shingle roofs. much more interesting than the dark shingles they use in n.c.

did the first of my two in-store demonstrations at jerrys in raleigh today. it went great. i did two 16x20's almost to completion, talking and painting as i went. the folks seemed to enjoy watching the process from start to finish and except for slicing my finger open on one of my knifes it went without a hitch. i thoroughly enjoy this 'performance art'

BTW- dont forget that my workshops start next weekend so check the schedule to the right of this in the sidebar and sign up. i'm happy to say that there are waiting lists for some of them already. jerrys will give you 10% more off supplies if you sign up for the raleigh date at Art Source.


paintingsbyb.price said...

Hope that finger is ok. what kind of knife are you painting
check out: paintjam dan dunn
performing artist its pretty cool.

paintingsbyb.price said...

paintjam dan dunn on youtube.

mike rooney studios said...

fingers fine and you wouldnt think a painting knife could get so sharp. but whipping it back and forth on the plexiglass sharpens it razor sharp. saw dan dunn on youtube, pretty cool performance