Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stroll on Front St.-20x16- oil on canvas

$530 unframed. email me at and put the name of the painting in the subject line.

20x16 done totally plein air with just a few minute tweak of adding the strolling woman done in the studio. i like the looseness in this one. the sun moves faster across the sky the larger the canvas. bet you didnt know this was a scientific fact did ya?
getting used to street scenes like this enough to make up stuff when i need to. like the row of cars on the other side of the street. totally by memory using a row of cars i've done on several previous canvases. it gets good to me when i can do this because cars kept getting in front of me on that section of the painting and just when i'd sketch them in they'd leave. thats the challenge urban plein air. everythings coming and going blocking the view then changing again 15 min. later. maybe that helps the painterliness of them.

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