Monday, November 3, 2008

MHC Weekend Workshop Over

too tired to upload anything tonite, but wanted to update.
the weekend workshop was a full house with 9 eager painters learning how to quickly and simply block-in a painting outside. we learned about color temperature and how important it is in painting landscapes. we all had a ball and most got where they could paint the scene in 2 hours or less.

today i was hired by a school to teach art classes my techniques and the kids were stoked to find out that they could paint the most difficult subjects in 5 values. the teacher wants me back in a month or so to do another one day workshop with the kids. on top of that the teachers at the school bought 7 of my daily paintings i took and laid out on the table for the kids to look at. this is a great job!


anne h ward said...

never know where a sale will be, huh! congrats. what a gift these students will be given under your instruction. how cool is that!

Frank Gardner said...

Well there you go Mike!
Good job.

Lynn Dail said...

I am one of the teachers who bought some paintings. I agonized over which ones to buy, but I am thrilled with my selections. Thanks for sharing your talent with the students!

mike rooney studios said...

anne- thanks. it was cool to switch gears and instruct the juniors and seniors about the finer points of painting a landscape. they were stoked. most of em anyway

frank- i had never done anything like this before so i didnt know what to expect. it was more fun than i thought it would be.

lynn- glad you got the ones you wanted. you all have a great group of kids there. keep up the good work you are doing with them