Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pics from MHC Workshop

here's my work office this week. short sleeves, blue skies, and scenery to die for. i'm doing a demonstration here on how to block in a painting in 30 minutes or less. here we are talking about blogging and internet marketing, approaching galleries, and how to price their work. some drank coffee and some of us were drinking Red Bull and orange juice, a drink we coined Bull Mosa's because they taste like a Mimosa.

what other job can you have like this one?


Frank Gardner said...

It's good to read about how the class went Mike.
I'll have the coffee over the Red Bull please.

I think the still lifes in direct light will be fun.

Catherine Olander said...

Okay Mike - I went home and looked at my painting that I did this summer and the one from today using the "Cape Cod" technique - you'll have to check out my blog and let me know what you think!! I put the "BEFORE" and "AFTER" on there: I think I'm convinced I need to work some more with that technique!! Thanks for the workshop and all the great info!! I'm exhausted! I'll need to get a Red Bull to get through school tomorrow! Thanks again!

mike rooney studios said...

frank- red bull is the equivalent of a cup of coffee (caffeine) but with better taste.
painting still lifes in the sun is the way to go. i did one of an amber bowl i'm going to post tomorrow night on the blog and i'm hooked. it just has so much oooomph to it than when i do em under a floodlight bulb. it sold with less than five people seeing it. now thats what i'm talking about. Sunlite Rocks!

catherine- youre going viral! glad i could help LOL
love the one you did this afternoon. and you can add a few things you didnt get to from the one you finished over the summer, or go back and finish. SWEEET!

anne h ward said...

We are a mighty fine looking group!
Tomorrow will hit the canvas running.
Am I viral now?

mike rooney studios said...

youre viral baby! now go to other blogs and spend some time with the ones you like, commenting and getting to be a part of the blogosphere! but dont stop painting to do it.... paintings more important than talking about it.
and yes,, we are a great looking group if i say so myself.