Sunday, April 19, 2009

Capt.Phillips Shrimpers-SOLD

Went to Swansboro to paint today. the wind was blowing steady at about 20 knots so i found a windbreak in a dock, stayed low and painted this nice little arrangement of shapes and harmonious colors. my lightweight painting box attached to a tripod was just the ticket for a day like this. you have to minimize what the wind can blow over when youre painting. i'll do anything to keep painting no matter what the conditions

the harmony has to do with the blue having some orange in it, darkish green has blue in it and the greyish blue has green in it. all courtesy of nature! its really there if you look.

this one was 100% knife painting. keeps you thinking of the big shapes and you really CAN'T get a lot of detail in, even if you wanted to. its a piece of thin steel after all.

Turquoise Glimpse-8x10

if you like this one email me for the price

This ones done on Ocean Drive on Emerald Isle. the island in this section of beach sits lower than the road and you have this nice little elevated view where you catch the water in between the beach cottages. i love it! i'll be back doing some more thats for sure.


Justin Holdren said...

These are really great Mike. Love the brushwork. I'm off to work on entries for the Wayne County Arts Council Show. Keep slinging that paint!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks alot!
good luck with the show,hope you get some prize money too!

Roxanne Steed said...

Love the boats- what a beauty! Reminds me of when we lived in Charleston!

Christopher Greco said...

You are on a "tear" with all of this good work. I am particularly drawn to the shrimp boat painting. Great design, mood and application. Wish I had painted it!

Anonymous said...

Mike- I really love those two sun drenched houses. The way you handled the yellows is so fine.
This seaside cottage/edifice scene reminds me of early visits to the Cape and that particular sunny glow everywhere.

Your work is so much of simple essence. In that you make it look simple.

mike rooney studios said...

roxanne- isnt charleston and shem creek area beautiful? i love painting there. this shrimper dock is about 30 minutes away and always has slew of good subject matter.

chris- been enjoying your "tear" as well. thanks. getting ready to go on a four day plein air painting trip for a few of my galleries on the Outer Banks, so i should have a lot to post soon. thanks for stopping by the blog.

bonnie- wondered where you were just the other day. yes the way they end up side by side is like the paintings i see from up at the cape. hoping to go there in the summer. a lady has offered me her cottage in exchange for paintings. thanks for coming by the blog. dont stay gone so long *)