Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm a Star II-10x8

contact me if you like this painting and i'll give you the price
get this one for the "bikini Diva" in your life. she'll love it!
This ones done from the one a week ago. i like her stance and her white hat.
I meant to tell y'all about this on the post about the rainy street painting in Charleston a week ago, but i forgot to, so here it is.
i was out painting in charleston when it got really cloudy and drizzly. i was almost finished with the painting and decided to try to finish it up when it started really raining. i'm keeping the painting dryish but i'm soaked.
this little girl and her mother pass me under their umbrellas and i hear the little girl say " he sure picked a bad day to paint didnt he mommy!?"

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