Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ocracoke Rental-5x6

$100 plus s/h
at Down Creek Gallery

I'm still on the island of Ocracoke, home for a while to the infamous pirate Blackbeard. He used to hide out here and strike out at ships robbing them blind. now they do it legally in the restaurants and motels. it's very expensive to stay here even in the off season. so i'm trying to paint four a day to keep the price per painting down. i'll use any excuse to paint alot wont i.
doing that many in a day makes you use your time wisely. i see paintings everywhere so i dont have far to travel to get one. thats one good thing.
i bet i havent gone a mile from where i started to do all these and one more.


From the Pinnacle-8x10
to purchase contact me by email with the title in the subject line

I stood high on a hill of dirt to paint this view of the cove where the ferry comes in. this was done later in the afternoon and i like the color harmonies on this one.

Ocracoke Hiway-8x8


One of the many roads that lead to the sound. i left the house out that was to the left of this one. this is what it looked like hundreds of years ago before folks inhabited the island. Love the early light on this one. pinks and subdued shades of lavender everywhere.

i think all these will be in Down Creek Gallery on Ocracoke soon.

Turquoise View- 8x10


Saw this while scouting down dead-end roads that front the water. how cool is that view! i left the tiedown off it for artistic reasons but it had a strap attached to anchors sunk in the ground. the owner told me they kept it from floating away like it did the last time the area flooded. too funny!


Unknown said...

Your paintings make me want to get out and bask in the sunshine. Your joy of the outdoors and painting definitely shine through!

Justin Holdren said...

These certainly remind me of Ocracoke! Your are right about the expense. Don't forget any grocery items otherwise you'll pay double the price at the only grocery store on the island! But hey, you can always have one of the $10 sandwiches from those roadside shops.

L.Holm said...

Hi, just found your bog from Douglas Hoover's site. Wonderful paintings! The quality of the light is amazing. Best regards, Liz

mike rooney studios said...

norma- thanks alot.i love warm weather, sunshine, and painting. but not in that order LOL
the weathers warming up finally so go enjoy!

justin- just had one of those $12 fish sandwiches at Jasons.youre right, groceries are twice out here. almost cheaper to eat out

liz- welcome to my blog. thanks for the nice words and stopping by