Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm a Star-9x7-SOLD

Cant get the figures out of my head. kinda like a few weeks ago. well..... go with the flow.

Luana, if youre reading this.... look at the warm darks on the skin!

click the painting to see the luscious brush work and thick paint

Get this one for the beach diva in your life. She'll love it! go on...hit that PayPal button, you know you want to!


The Artist den said...

Been watching the posts. Your people are looking great. THey flow with your style. Have you been photographing them and then painting them? Such as the ones on the beach, they sure didn't looked posed.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man! some are from photos and the four of the long lean girl was a live model in a studio.
i want to take a live model out on the beach in the real sun and do the next ones. until then i'll have to settle for photos.
your redo of the cowboy was a great improvement, especially putting the dark shape behind the foreground cowboys head. made him more visible.

r garriott said...

Fantastic pose. Love it!