Monday, April 13, 2009

Carolina Fields-6x6-$100

$8 s/h

contact me if you want this one

Starting on a 22x28 commission today so i thought i'd chronicle the process.
here's the first stage. washes of burnt sienna to show the values of each shape. this gives a nice warm glow under all the paint that will go on top

the small painting below the big one is the color sketch i've got approved by the client and i'll use it to guide me in the painting of the bigger one.

Now i lay in thin paint approximating the final color of each shape. color is not as important to get right at this stage as getting the right value is.

i'll stop here and pick it back up tomorrow. that way it'll dry up just a touch so i can get good clean color when i lay it on over top of this block-in. this will go to a nice lady up near philly in pennsylvania.

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