Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Demo-Last Stage

Complimentary Light- 8x10
$800 framed
available soon at the Rowley Gallery, Orleans, Mass.
Last stage of the painting is to throw reflected light around into nearby shapes and concentrate on edge treatment. leave hard edges in some areas (especially around the the important areas) and soften up the periphery edges. then take out your liner and make very thin detail shapes. this last stage is all about nuances. delicate, well placed strokes of color. try not to mess up all the hard work you did in the previous stages. easier said than done!
Just a reminder-- Upcoming Workshops
Ocean City, Maryland and Rhode Island in October. if you'd like to sign up there are a few spots left.
the upcoming Tuscany Italy workshop i'm holding late this month has two spots left. let me know if youre interested in painting in sunny Tuscany and we'll get you signed up.


Linda Popple said...

Beautifully completed! I really like the light on the floor and the rug has such nice soft details. I like everything about this painting. Thank you for the lesson!

mike rooney studios said...

linda- thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Found you on YouTube...i've been following you around this morning...i like your style both on and off canvas but this demo really caught my eye...shades of Vincent!: did you cut off your ear afterward?? know, HE never caught the light that you have a brother who can promote your work when you're gone? You make me want to prowl around the tiny back streets of KW (haven't been there in decades). Thank you for the escape.....nj