Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Loving Memory- Kurt Murray-1988-2010

As most of you who read this blog know, if i'm not painting i'm surfing or kiteboarding. i think it brings a vitality to my beach-oriented stuff, so for that reason i want to share this. i struggled with whether i should put it on the blog or not, but i want to, so here it is.
The surf community of my little beach town of Surf City NC is mourning the loss of our Kurt Murray who died in a surfing accident this past Sunday in the waves of Hurricane Igor. Kurt was 21 years old and was a guy who loved the ocean, surfing and kiteboarding every chance he got. He was loved by everybody who met him. i ask for your thoughts and prayers for his family.
Kurt, you'll will be missed in the lineup and kiteboard sessions.
pray you have endless glassy waves or steady 20 mph winds for eternity
RIP man!

Moon Beams- 6x8
Getting ready to leave to teach in Italy so this (maybe one more) will be my last post for several weeks. i wont have much internet access so i probably wont be emailing either. all shipping of sold paintings will happen when i get back. also i'll blog and post pics of paintings that i do in Tuscany as soon as i get back too.


Linda Popple said...

I am sorry about the death of your friend, Kurt. My prayers are for the family and friends. God bless.

mike rooney studios said...

linda- thanks so much. the prayers are much appreciated.the funeral is tomorrow. he will be missed!

Bonnie Luria said...

Oh Mike, this really hit home for me too. Didn't know the young man, but we were grazed by Igor here on St. Croix and from 500 miles away this storm was still ferocious.
We lost a 16 year old boy who was swept out to sea by the currents that were horrific, even from that distance.
My husband is a surfer ( 64 and still juiced by the sport ) and I worried as he took on this water.
I think I understand a bit of what you're feeling now.
So very sorry.
It's awful.

Painting in Italy will be well timed for you. I look forward to seeing what you post, knowing we'll have to wait until you get back to put it on your blog.

DGehman said...

A sad situation. Sad for the family and for folks like you, his friends. Water is always willing to turn on you. I found that out when I capsized my Finn sailboat long ago, though there were no consequences other than a soaking on a cold day.

Italy draws me every Fall -- but remains out of reach at the moment. It's the perfect time to be there, few tourists, much good food and wine, beautiful countryside and townscapes.


mike rooney studios said...

bonnie- sorry to hear about that young man carried out in a rip. so sad.
so hubbys a surfer eh. cool. we all take risk whenever we surf but especially hurricane waves. kurt died doing what he loved to do. hope thats how i go out,,, on my surfboard, kiteboard or holding a paintbrush!

dave-italy should really be beautiful this time of year and its a good group of students ive got going! dont look forward to the travel going over but once i'm there cant wait to paint rural and urban tuscany! wont be long i'll be up your way too. see you then.

Justin Holdren said...

Praying for Kurt's family and freinds Mike. Have a great time in Tuscany. Can't wait to see the paintings.

mike rooney studios said...

justin- thanks for the prayers. we all appreciate it very much.
looking forward to italy. will blog about it when i get back.

Barbara Bear Jamison said...

I am behind in keeping up with the posts, and was so saddened by the news of Kurt when it hit our paper and news. It is hard to lose anyone, and to lose someone who is just beginning is double tough. His family and friends are in our prayers. YOU have a great time on your trip to ITALY! Maybe next year you will do a repeat?!! I look forward to all the posts and paintings. Take care and have a wonderful time.

mike rooney studios said...

bbearj- thanks. it has been a tough week. trying to get my stuff together to get on the plane sunday. i'm looking forward to getting there and getting a few paintings done and getting "in the groove". thats a great feeling!