Monday, December 20, 2010

More Make-up

Circle of Beauty-5x7

In this one i tried several things i've been wanting to work on. they are:
*mix huge piles of the main colors so that i could apply the paint thicker, and also so i dont have to keep mixing colors. working the rest of the painting out of only these big piles keeps a real harmony to the piece
*simplify the scene. start by looking at really big shapes first and then tweak em after everythings in. dont try to get too tricky (which i tend to do). going for a real boiled down effect.
*was trying a new way of shadow edge treatment. hard in places and soft in others.


mel magee said...

reminds me of thiebaud

mike rooney studios said...

melanie- googled thiebaud and found out he did some lipsticks. they are similar. found out he used to be in advertising art. its evident in his painting. very graphical