Saturday, September 24, 2011


to purchase please contact me

another in the chef series. this one's an exercise in limited strokes of paint. put it down and dont touch it again. easier said than done. if you paint, you know how hard it is to leave a stroke alone dontcha? the more you push a stroke into the underpainting the less "sure" the stroke looks. the color de-intensifies every time you touch it. this surehandedness keeps the color pure. on this one i wanted to have a direct, painterly look.


beckielboo said...

I get it & LOVE ❤ the new subject! Keep it up - we'll eat them all up!

Anonymous said...

Love them! Will surely consider purchasing in the future...over 50% of the enrollment in culinary schools are now women...not a big deal, but might want to squeeze a lady in on occasion to represent the diversity in the industry