Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1000th Post on Blogger!

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To celebrate my 1000th blog post i'm giving away this 11x14 painting "Three Sisters" to a lucky susbriber to the blog. To enter you have to be a suscriber. if youre not already a suscriber take a moment to become one by going to the right sidebar near the top and click.

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Three Sisters- 11x14

well! what a milestone! 1000 blog posts. that means if i had done one every single day that i would have done it for almost three years straight.

here's what i think i have gained by this experience of painting and blogging almost daily for this long.

the biggest thing was discipline. blogging as much as i do has kept me from getting lazy. there were lots of days i didnt want to blog or paint but having this "to do" on my list everyday took away the option to bag it. making it as a fulltime painter is all about work ethic.

ive also made mistakes on this blog. as they say anthing worth having is going to fraught with mistakes and missteps. one that i'm ashamed to say i did in my attempt to keep this blog "real" was a couple of winters ago to post a tirade about my DailyPainter Gallery customers. i made blanket statements about them always wanting these little mini paintings for next to nothing. i vented my frustration in a public forum and i apologize for that misstep. another big faux pas was when i chided folks for giving me unsolicited advice on my paintings. ive learned how to control my emotions on this blog. yes its my soap box and i CAN do it, but i SHOULDNT do it. lesson learned. thats what learning and growing is all about, i guess. as in this journey of painting, failure isnt failure unless you dont learn something from it.

so here's to 1000 more blog posts and i hope youre along for the ride with me!


Fay Terry said...

Congratulations, Mike! That's a huge milestone to reach. Please enter me in the drawing for your painting!

Margo said...

Well congratulations on achieving this milestone post! I have enjoyed following along with you for a year or two I guess. I always look forward to what you have painted today and enjoy your online tutorials. I still want to take a class with you and one of these days it will happen. Please enter me in your giveaway and keep that brush moving!

Carol L. Adamec said...

Congrats, Mike, on your 1000th Blog. Please enter my name in your Giveaway. Best to you.

George Hunter said...

Congratulations Mike. Talent and persistence pays off.
Keep up the good work and add me to you giveaway list. Cheers!

Judith said...

Congratulations Mike. I check out your Blog just about every day and I love your lessons. I have learned a lot. I hope I wan't one of those 'thorns in your side'.

Linda Popple said...

A big congratulations on your 1000th post! Love your work and look forward to the next 1000!