Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quite the Couple-12x16

Old Menhaden Plant-12x16

this old fish processing plant is over in a remote part of beaufort. jimmy womble got us permission to paint on this private section of waterfront. the two red stacks are like fireplaces. both jimmy and i cant resist old beat up waterfront stuff. this and Last Light were painted on the same property the same day.

Menhaden plants were popular back in the day. there were two very large plants in beaufort alone. i know menhaden were also very popular out near the outer banks. i'll do some googleing and find out more about this fish and why they were popular.

Notice how i worked the red of the stacks into the grass and the left roofline, to integrate them into the painting. you want to work all the major colors into other places around the painting to make the colors in it harmonious.


Fay Terry said...

I really like both of these, Mike. I kind of remember that Menhaden plant from being down there when I was a kid. You're right , you don't hear much about that fish anymore but it sure was popular back in the day.

mike rooney studios said...

fay- sounds like some folks loved menhaden back then. wonder why theyre not popular any more. wonder if theyre as abundant as they once were.