Monday, November 14, 2011

White on Yellow on Blue-6x6-SOLD

what? another revision? really?

really. i wasnt satisfied that it "dripped sunshine" so i went back over every shape with a purer color and bumped up the sunshine. i relied alot on my memory of the impression i had more on this revision, disregarding trying to imitate my study (the small one sitting on the revised 12x16) see below. i overemphasized how orangey-yellow the roofs looked when i was standing out there looking at them. then i really warmed up the sky as well as lightened it. then i made the water bluer and warmer too. if you really want to see the transformation from the first one i painted from the study go back to the original painting on the october 30th post and see it as it first appeared. huge difference!

trying to make it more about spots of color versus house. the smaller one screams house and then color, the larger screams color, then house.

hawthorne quote of the day- "See if you cant simply put down spots of color and let the results take care of themselves.....dont see so many little things-refuse to see details- you dont have to draw the whole town if you paint. Better put it down so that it sits in air than to make a better drawing without vitality..."

i changed this one to have more vitality and to sit in air better. even at the expense of windows and side trim! and guess what i discovered? it still looks like a house without them

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