Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dannys House-8x10

this one's from 2009

Dannys House-8x10

Have you ever wished you had gotten one of my paintings back in 2009 when they were in this price range but didnt? Here's your chance to get this painting for what it sold for back in 2009

i'm packing for my Cape Cod Underpainting workshop at Binders, an art supply store in Atlanta, (starts friday). flying with paints and stuff always makes me nervous now that TSA wont even let you take toothpaste or deodorant onboard :D. i'll put a note with the oil paints saying ARTIST MATERIALS with them. ive done that before and got thru screening so far in my travels. maybe this time too!

I had too much free time so i just joined DailyPaintworks, an online gallery started by Carole Marine and her husband David. still working out some computer stuff so i dont have any paintings on there as of now (till thats worked out in the next few days). click the widget over on the right sidebar to get there and see the other arists represented at the site.

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