Monday, November 21, 2011

Waterfront Pair-6x8-SOLD

just got some phalo blue and wanted to play around with it and i did a color chart to see what each of the colors on my palette would look like when mixed with it. the colors on my palette are across the top and down the side. where the down column intersects with the horizontal columns is what the two make when mixed. the darker colors i added a strip of white across the darker colors so i could see what the real color is. where two columns the same color i mixed white to make it very pale. this is good to do every now and then to remind yourself just how many different colors you can make with your palette of pigments. dont always paint, making the same mixes. shake it up a little!

here i was playing with burnt sienna (its not on my plein air palette but i'm thinking of adding it to my expanded studio palette) and phalo blue. the burnt sienna is a dirty warm red and makes great warm and cool grays when mixed with phalo blue. i love those blue grays with more and more white in em.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Wonderful color charts especially the one with thalo and burnt sienna. Those combos are luscious and could work well im many ways .
Did you ever hear artists say, "stay away from thalo blue it get's into everything " ?
Not if you don't put your brush into it when you don't intend to use's a staple on my palette.