Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inside Job-5x6-SOLD

Wouldnt these little fruit and glass still lifes be a great gift for that friend of yours for their kitchen walls. Framers have scrap they can make frames for on these mini's for $10 or $15.


With the shorter fall days, i paint more and more inside and very late at night. that makes me get up late and then its dark again. then i work into the night and it all starts all over again. great thing about making a living making art and working for myself is that the boss is cool with whatever i want to do :D

another cool thing is that i get to eat or drink my painting subjects after theyve given their life for art. in this case i squeezed the limes into some flavored water and drank em up. yummy.

in todays painting i tried to put one of Hawthornes quotes into practice. He said- "Have the courage to set down the colors you see there- overdo in color rather than be weak".

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