Tuesday, December 25, 2012

SOLD-Out in the Country-6x8

the light was silvery and pretty today so off i headed with my new pared down plein air kit. i ditched the big backpack and filled a small satchel with ONLY the essentials. doing this in preparation for my key west bicycle setup i'll be using daily soon.
was painting in a small town the other day and a fellow brother of the brush named guy jackson visiting from houston saw me and introduced himself. we knew all the same online painters and he had studied with many of the cape school teachers i know of, like camille prezwodek and susan sarback. we painted together in one of my favorite haunts (picture above) the next day, and had a great time. thats one of the cool things about this plein air painting gig. you meet the nicest folks.
he said when he first saw me and my suv full of painting junk that i was either a painter or homeless. ive heard that more times than i can count!

hope youre having a great holiday season and i wanted to thank you all for following my blog, going to my galleries and workshops, buying my dvd's, and last but not least, buying and viewing my artwork! without you, i couldnt do what i love for a living. thank you!


Unknown said...

Mike, really enjoyed painting with you, brother. Can't wait to take a workshop from you. You know your stuff!

Klinger Studios said...

Mike - I was going through some old emails and spotted this one. Nice piece. I finally tried out my new easel (purchased from you) and I like it a lot so far. I'm just painting inside (Ohio/snow) but looking forward to giving it a workout in Florida next month. All I need now is an umbrella set up - where did you get yours? Thanks, Christine

Klinger Studios said...

P.S. The painting of the field looks like the road I live on - a couple of months ago.