Saturday, December 29, 2012

SOLD-Sheila's Side Yard-1229A-8x10

below is a glimpse into how i'm thinking in the initial 10 minutes of the block-in. i'm very concerned where the darkest areas of the painting will be and i get em in dark quick (in this case differing shades of alizarin crimson)

if youve ever taken one of my workshops you know how long i spend stressing value. and for good reason. most of the problems i'm dealing with in these classes are value problems.
look at how the painting "works" after i changed it into shades of sepia with my photo editor. i always say if it doesnt work in black and white its not gonna work in color either. if i could only say one sentence about anything it would be this- see how everything that gets sun is lighter than whats in the shadow. as you painters out there know, thats simple in theory but difficult in the real world struggle of making a decent painting.
note: my posts may get more sporadic while i pack up everything to go to key west and get settled in. but i'll post as often as i'm able. once i settled in down there i'll be doing tons of 6x8's. if anyone's interested in pre-ordering something from my upcoming series of palm trees and conch houses, just let me know so i can get you on the list. if you just started watching my blog go to the right sidebar and hit previous years the months of december-april and you'll see what i do.

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