Friday, December 28, 2012

Next to the Lift-1228A-8x10

a boat in the state of repair. thing is this things been sitting in about the same condition (and spot) for the last several years. funny that in all those years i havent painted this motif before (tho i have painted the boat). today the light hitting the cabin area was gorgeous! so here it is
this shows that you can paint around where you are everyday for years and never run out of things to paint. Henry Hensche said "anything with light on it is beautiful". how true!


Marla said...

We've had some nice light recently, haven't we? This time of year the low angle is gorgeous. If it's not raining :)

mike rooney studios said...

has been nice. either raining or too cold half the time but it is winter after all. for a few more days anyway :D