Friday, December 7, 2012

SOLD-Bone Island Shadows-8x10

heres the block in on one of my newest paintings. i really really like it like this, but i'd be accused of not working on it long enough! i love the simplicity of the shapes and pure color. two lessons here-
1. things dont have to have a lot of detail to be recognizable. adding just a bit of detail is all thats needed to finish it out and keep the spontaneous, edited look.
2. color dulls every time you touch it, so put it on and leave it alone!

Bone Island Shadows-8x10
the finished piece with some more work done ie. a few smaller shapes in just the right places (oh yeah, called detail)
email me for availability and price


Klinger Studios said...

Very nice piece Mike. Thanks for sharing, and for giving me my lesson of the day: "2. color dulls every time you touch it, so put it on and leave it alone!" - This explains SO MUCH. Thanks again!

Justin Holdren said...

Are you already in the Keys? Have fun and can't wait to see the paintings!

mike rooney studios said...

christine-thanks. hit it once and leave it. thats the key to clean vibrant color

justin-thanks.heading down in a few weeks. i'm getting a head start practicing architecture and palms.