Friday, December 21, 2012

SOLD-Spanning Sides-6x11

second one from the parking deck. loved the reflections in the water and the color harmonies. i'm striving to keep a chunky look to my shapes without a bunch of "wispy" strokes. the water really looks watery dont you think? wow, i need to remember how i did that :D
i was asked how i did my reflections in the painting i did a few posts ago
so here are the bullet points-
  • put a slightly lighter shape all over the shape of the reflection
  • make it warmer and lighter than the water, and keep it grayed down
  • as you get closer and closer to the source of the light thats making the reflection, add lighter and lighter zones
  • add yellow, pink, or orange paint "spots" that are almost 90% white, right at the end
  • be sure the reflection is the lightest shape in the whole painting or it wont read as sparkly


Klinger Studios said...

Mike- Nice sparkles! (And thanks for the tips.) -Christine

art by Michael Perchard said...

Hello Mike!
My first visit to your wonderful blog and I am loving it!
Your art is fantastic! I love your painting style and your subject matter. I will be dropping by again!
Take care and paint on!
Your newest art buddy,